Seattle Pro Musica is a place to sing amazing music and have fun doing it.

A hallmark of Seattle Pro Musica is the rich sense of community that develops among our singers. The powerful bond that comes from striving together to create beautiful music is made even stronger by the camaraderie and friendships that bloom every season. Of course, the music always comes first, but enjoying ourselves in the process is definitely a close second!

Some comments from our annual member survey:

“I felt very welcome in the group right from the get-go.”

“The community is truly unique...the way we have historically supported members...unparalleled in any other community to which I belong.”

“What a great choir: fabulous director and staff, excellent board, dedicated singer-volunteers.”

“It continues to be a pleasure singing with SPM.”

“I had some good fun, loved the repertoire, enjoyed singing in different venues in town, and learned a lot. Thank you for a wonderful season!”

“I love this choir and can’t wait for next season!”

“I’m really happy to be here.”

“Yay SPM! :)”

Seattle Pro Musica's Annual Summer Picnic, 2015

Seattle Pro Musica's Annual Summer Picnic, 2014

For information on how to join Seattle Pro Musica as a singer or volunteer, visit our Auditions and Volunteer pages.